You can locate and book our cars directly through our app, to get where you want to go. And no need to return the car, simply park it in a permit zone or meter when you’re done.

Get the app.

How Do I Use Free2Move Cars?

You don’t need car keys–open and close the car directly from your app. Don’t worry about fuel – gas is included!

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, simply park your car on-street in the Home Area, and end the ride in your app. It’s that easy!

What cars can I drive?

The Equinox

Your ride, your tunes. Sync up your phone with Apple Car Play or Android Car and carpool karaoke to your heart’s content.

  • Seats 5 people. Or 4 people and 1 dog, 3 people and 2 dogs, 2 people and 3 dogs… you get the picture.
  • Four wheel drive. Off-road? On trend!
  • Spacious, comfortable, smooth. Start relaxing as soon as your trip begins by choosing the luxurious Equinox.
  • How much does it Cost?

    If you take a longer trip, no need to worry. You’ll automatically get a lower per hour, or even per day rate.
    Whichever is cheaper. No need to choose ahead of time. Are you going for a short trip through town, lunch with friends outside of the city, or a weekend trip? Whatever your pleasure, we’ve got the best deal for you. Our great rates start by the minute, and give you maximum flexibility.

    Basic Price

    Our great rates start by the minute, and give you maximum flexibility.

    Hourly Rate

    If you’re driving more than 40 minutes.

    Day Rate

    And if you’re driving more than 6 hours.

    Where can I find Free2Move cars?

    Our cars are available across Washington DC. Simply locate a car, drive, and when you’re done, park it on-street in the Home Area in a Resident Permit Zone or Meter parking spot. Sharing is caring!