5 and 7-day Rentals Now Available

Avoid the hassle of the rental counter; just find your nearest vehicle and go. You can rent a vehicle for up to 7-days for as little as $50 a day.

Discover Free2Move Carsharing

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Free2Move Carsharing

Meet DC’s newest carsharing fleet


Anywhere and anytime

Free2Move Carsharing offers one of the largest carsharing fleets in Washington DC. You can locate and book a car directly through our app, to get you where you want  to go. Get in the car to go somewhere!

What is free-floating carsharing? Watch this video to learn more:

How do I use Free2Move cars?

You don’t need car keys–open and close the car directly from your app. Don’t worry about fuel– gas is included!

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, simply park your car in any meter or residential zone within the home area, and end the ride in your app.

It’s that easy!


Download the Free2Move Carsharing App.


Complete the registration.


Find and book a vehicle near you. And start driving!

How do I register for Free2Move Carsharing? Watch this short video:

How do I use the Free2Move Carsharing App? It's easy, watch the tutorial:

What cars can I drive?

Choose from two types of vehicles & find the perfect ride for any occasion

The Equinox

Your perfect car for weekend trips.

Spacious, comfortable, smooth. Start relaxing as soon as your trip begins by choosing the luxurious Equinox.

  • Four-wheel drive. Off-road? On trend!
  • Seats 5 people. Or 4 people and 1 dog, 3 people and 2 dogs, 2 people and 3 dogs… you get the picture. *Dogs must be transported in an approved dog-carrier*
  • Your ride, your tunes. Sync up your phone with Apple Car Play or Android Car and carpool karaoke to your heart’s content.

The Cruze

And the city is yours.

Easy to park, fun to drive, and spacious enough to pick up your groceries with a few friends thrown in! The Cruze is your ideal inner city ride.

  • Seats 4 people. Big enough to pick up your best friends. Small enough not to pick up your not-so-best friends.
  • Your ride, your smart system. Sync up your phone with Apple Car Play or Android Car to access your maps, tunes, and contacts.

How much does it cost?

If you take a longer trip, no need to worry! You’ll automatically get a lower per hour, or even per day rate.

Whichever is cheaper—no need to choose ahead of time. Are you going on a short trip through town? Headed to lunch with friends outside of the city? Or taking a nice weekend trip? Whatever your pleasure, we’ve got the best deal for you! Our great rates start by the minute, and give you maximum flexibility.

Where can I find & park Free2Move cars?

Our cars are all over the streets of Washington DC. Simply pick up a car, drive, and return it within our home area for the next user.

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