Fee Schedule

Definition 1st Occurrence 2 or More Occurrences Fee Associated
Trip Start Fee Cost charged to offset insurance costs and standardize pricing $1 $1 $1/Trip
Registration Fee Cost associated with registering an account $0 – FREE
Unsecured Vehicle
Windows left down, door or rear hatch not closed, vehicle left unlocked
$50 each occurrence
Recovery from Parking garage/Paid lot
Vehicle abandoned in parking garage or paid lot
Actual cost of lot + $25 Actual cost of lot + $50 $25/$50 + Parking garage/lot fee
Excessive pet hair
Pet not in carrier causing excessive hair in the vehicle
$100 $200
Excessive cleaning Excessively dirty vehicle $100 each occurrence
Smoking Smoke from any substance detected in vehicle $100 $200
Towing Actual cost of tow Cost of Tow each occurrence
Tow fee Fee associated with recovery Towing charge only Towing charge + $100 Tow fee $0/$100
Toll & Processing Vehicle is ez-pass equipped Toll cost plus 15% each occurrence
Unauthorized vehicle parking
Illegal or otherwise unauthorized parking that requires relocation
$25 if not towed $50 if not towed $25/$50
Loss of revenue
Vehicle out of service due to customer negligence
Actual cost each occurrence
Damage to vehicle insurance deductible
Customer responsibility in the event of an accident.  Please click here for insurance details.
$500 each occurrence
Processing for Tickets/Violations
At fault ticket cost plus processing fee- Please click here for parking rules
No fee 1st time + ticket cost
$25 processing fee + ticket cost
$0 + ticket cost/$25 + ticket cost
Reprocessing Declined Payment
Fee associated with declined credit/debit card + actual balance owed
No fee 1st time $25 processing fee $0/$25
Drained Battery
Leaving vehicle headlights on, interior lights on, etc.
$50 each occurrence
Excessive Mileage Over 500 miles/per trip $0.45 per mile overage
Abandoned vehicle outside home area Fee associated with vehicle outside home area $50 + $0.45 per mile